Hate The Club, Love My Friends

Honestly, this might be the greatest conundrum I face weekly. How can I hate the concept of the club, yet be there weekly with some of the people I love most in the world? Why would I subject myself and my friends to this? And this morning I realized, it's more than it seems. Recently I was given the opportunity to reevaluate my life and the decisions I make, this seemed like the best place to finish off. Why? Because it's the most fun in a series of dreary subjects.

So what is the club? A hot/dark room where we attempt to have fun, find love, and gain satisfaction. For me, it used to just be, a hot/dark room. Until I met two people who flipped that concept in my head. I saw the club as a collection of shared individual experiences. But recently (past year) I met two people who flipped that idea on its head.

My friends Stefan (a.k.a Jetset) and Conrad (a.k.a Con) don't really see the club as individual experiences and they were able to let me see that. See, they see the club how many see house parties and big dinners. It's a communal experience that each person in the building can decide if they want to participate in or reject. Those who reject it tend to 'hate the club'. But that's often due to how they perceive others in the space. Those who have fun are "extra" and those who are more recluse are "boring". There is no in-between.

But through the eyes of Stefan and Conrad, I learned that it's much more. The club like any communal event is meant to bring us together. A place where the common man/woman can enter (if they aren't wearing sneakers) and connect with their peers. It's more than bottles and tight outfits. It's showing love for the one thing we all share in common. The need to have fun. Through my friends, I have made new friends, created some of my most fun memories, and learned things about myself I previously denied. I learned to stop judging my fellow man/woman when I'm out and focus on my own enjoyment, I learned to be comfortable with me; not only when I'm on my own but when I'm out and around, I learned that the club can be more than societal standards and judgment, I learned sometimes the club doesn't suck.

But then again maybe I didn't learn anything an I just like drinking a lot. But here's one thing for sure. I don't hate the club as much as I used to, but I definitely still love my friends.