40K On Your Headtop

Wow, welcome to 2018. Maybe I'm late in saying that but it's hard to gage if you like the yeah before it's taken you out a couple times right..? Or maybe I should stop thinking of years as different people! Regardless this year has taken me out and it has already shown me there are great things to come. Coming into the second month of the year we've hit multiple milestones, achieved new highs. and most importantly kept moving forward. So let's look at the scoreboard why don't we?

This month I released my fastest growing song ever 'Kali Uchis Freestyle' on top of this we broke 2K plays in less than 4 days. This has shown me not only is the love I receive real, it's strong. Next up I was given the opportunity to shoot with one of Toronto's hidden photography gems, Shayla Anderson. Shayla shot some of the coolest portraits I've seen done recently and upgraded me from honorary "glorified set-piece" to "a great set-piece". Thanks Shayla.

And finally, over 44K listeners tuned in this month for Highly Animated on Spotify alone. For this I just want to thank everybody. Everyone who's here, everyone who's been around to support, and everyone who pushed me to get to this point. A year ago I was sleeping on a couch with nobody listening to my music. A year later we're growing faster than ever, my music is all over the world, and people connect with it. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much for this.

Much more, coming soon.